LMA is different. From the way we do things, through to the key beliefs that sit at the heart of our ethos.
As well as receiving academic support, there’s also an expert team of advisors on hand to help you grow and develop, ensuring you’re equipped to succeed. With us, you’ll gain a degree, but you’ll also nurture and enhance the passion needed for a successful career. Welcome to the LMA way…


Taking a Student First approach in everything we do is at the heart of our DNA. First and foremost, LMA is centred around best serving its students. We understand that every student – together with their goals and motivations – is unique and will move mountains to make things happen for them. 

We are perfectly placed to view the world through their eyes. This approach of empathy, nurture and positivity, allows us to deliver great results, time and again.


We truly believe that students become part of the LMA family when they join us. They can only feel this through individuals and teams sharing information and collaborating with a student first mindset. This is the foundation of our success, being about the many, not the few. We encourage collaboration across all areas of the campuses. Students working together across departments to gain the skills and experiences that set them apart and our LMA staff collaborating at all levels so we are exploring every opportunity to add to the student experience.


Our students expect us to be progressive, innovative and informed so we encourage the same from them. Staying curious is at the heart of this, applying curiosity to student first ideas, working solutions and personal development. Staying curious allows for continuous learning, improvement of service and guards against complacency. Demonstrating a desire to understand and engage with each others’ differing backgrounds, outlooks and perspectives. We encourage staff and students to be informed about the latest trends, current industry news and to stay one step ahead. Curiosity allows us all to think outside the box, be creative, and “make things happen that otherwise would not”.


Commit 100% and give your best self to others and not just for your own benefit.

We accept that one individual can’t have all the answers and that asking for input from others around you is not a weakness.

You acknowledge that you won’t always be on top of your game, admit when you’ve made a mistake and welcome constructive feedback.


Creating an environment where we are honest with each other will lead to the right, not convenient outcome. We encourage our students and staff to be the best versions of themselves, staying in our comfort zones is not good enough.

Be honest with yourself first and foremost. Where are you strong and where are you weaker? We’re all here to support your development so this honesty simply helps us to help you. Being courageous enough to be vulnerable with each other removes barriers, creates trust and enables teams to come together in a supportive and inclusive way that lets everyone grow.

We always encourage students and staff to speak up if something just isn’t right. Given this voice to be courageous is something that underpins the entire LMA Way